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Video Workshop

5/25-6/29 | Ages 7-10 | Thursdays 3:30-5:00

Tuition: $295

Students will have the option of creating a commercial, music video, or short (under 5 min) as their final project and be guided through the production process. The workshop will focus on visual elements of concept development and what makes a compelling video. They will be able to brainstorm, develop and collaborate their ideas. Classes will cover simple storyboarding, creative exercises, rehearsals, blocking, choreography as needed, and shoot days. We will explore writing, visuals, and audio and they will have an understanding of the process from pre-production to post. Students will have an opportunity to ask for sponsors to endorse their concept and a VIP screening for family and guests will be held at the end of the workshop. Casting opportunities will be available to all ages and extended participants.

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Lights, camera, Action!

7/13-8/17 | Ages 7-10 | Thursdays 4:00-5:30

Tuition: $249 Full Session / $45 Drop In

A basic introduction to fundamentals in tv & film production: Students will be directed in activities and exercises to build on-camera experience, story concept/character development, and hands-on experience being on set. We will focus on what makes a compelling performance by building confidence, emotion, personality and creativity through story-telling. Classes will cover improv, table readings, practice auditions, setting up a shot, shooting scenes, identifying on-set roles, and interactive games. Students will receive a collective reel at the end of the course.

Private Lessons

Contact Courtney to schedule: | 909.633.1658

One-on-one directing and developing skills with lessons structured to the individual's age and goals. 

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