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March 14 - May 23 (no class April 4) | Thursdays 4:30 - 6:00 pm 

Showcase Premiere Night: May 30th

Ages: 8-14

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! This is a one-of-kind class that will be a tremendous learning opportunity for all students that participate! As part of the digital revolution that we are immersed in, this opportunity will cultivate kids in the process of becoming their own filmmaker. Students will be introduced or re-acquainted with basic concepts of acting on screen and telling stories through filmmaking. Each filmmaker will be guided in writing, filming, and starring in a 3-5 minute short film production to be screened at our studio on premiere night. Family and friends will be able to support as crew or cast and attend the special showcase. Access to a camera, iPad or phone will be required for recording outside of class. Apps or programs for editing are encouraged but the option to add a post production package to enrollment will be available for an additional fee. This package will provide editing of a final cut for the student’s project. 

Key Highlights & Takeaways:

  • Story and character development 

  • Scene work

  • Monologue and dialogue practice 

  • Directed and coached

  • Breaking down a scene

  • Camera framing

  • Basic lighting

  • Confidence and teamwork

  • Self-produced experience 

  • Enhance creativity and talent

Tuition: $475

Post Production Add On: $175*


*Post Production Package:

A first cut will be included and additional revisions, notes and cuts may be added on at a pro-rated fee.

Intro title, credits, and basic transitions included.

Special effects/requests will be assessed for additional editing time and fees.

Footage submitted must be consolidated to a maximum time limit TBD by the editor.

Student will be responsible for submitting any audio/soundtrack.

All files must be submitted by 5/10 to be included in the showcase premiere.


Class program is subject to a minimum enrollment. Without a minimum enrollment, we reserve the right to cancel. 

We also reserve the right to adjust curriculum based on the Academy's discretion. Lastly, we reserve the right to change the location

of the class and premiere night date at any time due to availability. If CDC guidelines change during the rehearsal process,

we may convert in-person classes to virtual meetings temporarily to keep production progressing.


Book a private session to create your essential acting calling cards! Personal consultation, directing and coaching will be provided with material preparation, rehearsal, and touch-ups/editing. 

Contact Courtney for additional details:

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