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Sponsor Our Film

An essential part of filmmaking is raising funds to finance the project and all hands on deck bringing the final picture together! Of course a bigger budget means a bigger, better set, fancier costumes & wardrobe, more crew, more bells and whistles in post production, the yummiest meals and snacks during our shoot, more film festival submissions... you get the picture! With your sponsorship towards the film's budget we can create the best experience and outcome for our students and their work. 

Donations can be sent to our studio venmo: @actingacademy4kids

(Please indicate 'Spectacular - Actor's name' in transaction)


Sponsorship Options:

ACTOR'S SPONSOR: up to $99

Special thanks to in film credits & program 



+Includes admission for one to screening premiere

PRODUCER - $500 - $999

+IMDB credit

+Free dinner at VIP after party 


+Named on promotional marketing materials and AA4K Studios website

(Each level includes all items preceding)

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