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Cellphone Cinema:  
Special Filmmaking class

Exploratory Intro Class for Ages: 11-18

In this special filmmaking class for pre-teens and teens, we will be learning how to tell stories with our cellphones.  The best camera is the one you have with you!  Using our personal cameras, we will learn how make a short indie video.  We will begin with learning the basics of storytelling.  Then, we will brainstorm and storyboard our ideas.  We will learn how to shoot captivating cinematography with our cell phones, so the picture serves the story.  We will also explore various apps that can enrich our videos.  Finally, students will learn how to edit their videos on their cellphone and how to add sounds, voice over, music and titles.  Requirements:  No acting or filmmaking experience required but students must have their own cellphone and be able to download apps.

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