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Expand and Grow!

Into Action Class

In our next level, the “Into Action” class is our intermediate level, where we expand upon the principles and skills gained in the previous session, as well as introduce audition technique, dramatic scene work. We push the students to delve deeper into their scenes, and draw attention to their successes in organic listening and truthful spontaneous performances.  Using original scenes to work on in class, along with hand selected monologues, and original commercials that the students write; our goal this session is to accelerate the pace of learning by giving students more challenging material that thrusts them further into their scenes and character work, and deeper still, into action! 

The "Into Action" class, is a 5 month long course with each class running 2 hours. All classes takes place at the beautiful OC Music & Dance building in Irvine, California. Class day/time-tentatively on the schedule PDF.

For more information on class availability and pricing, please click on the button below! 

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