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Scenes for Film/TV:
  Fundamental Acting Class

Exploratory Intro Class for Ages: 11-18

In this foundational acting class for pre-teens and teens, we will be playing improv games to ignite creativity and build up confidence.  Various acting techniques will be explored to understand character development.  Meditation and calming techniques will be introduced to help the actors focus on their roles and relax in front of the camera.  Students will be paired up and listening exercises will be practiced so they can authentically work off their scene partners.  The students will then rehearse a scene and learn how to perform in front of the cameras.  They also will learn the basics of various behind the camera positions. 
*Scenes will be recorded at a real location.  The following week they will be edited, and a special screening of all the students’ work will take place on the last class.  The scenes will be shared via Dropbox.

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