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On-Camera Acting Classes & Short Film About Anti-Bullying

“A Person’s a Person, No Matter How Small”!

Dates: Sunday 10/14/18 –Sunday 1/13/19

Total Classes: 10

Total Hours of Instruction – 20 Hours of Instruction & 12 ½ -20 ½ hours on set! All classes are held at OCMD in Irvine.

What’s This Class About? 

This brand-new series of film-acting & film-making education is a unique blend of the students learning valuable on-camera acting techniques geared completely around our Fall concept of “A Person’s a Person, No Matter How Small” (a student’s perspective in the fight against bullying) as well as the intricacies of the how-tos of creating a short film by delving into some of the technical elements to create the final Blue Ray DVD for audiences at a local theater.

Under the guidance of our knowledgeable staff, students will be shown the basics of filmmaking-from getting the idea on the page, and into a script; basic shooting principles and technique; practical steps to producing your own independent short film; editing a portion of the movie to get the cut you love, and of course Acting!!

Week by week, we will be building the process of how a short film gets made, from idea to script, to pre-production, casting, filming, and of course, post production! Our staff will be there every step of the way, but our students will get first-hand experience on how a short film is made! 

There will be two capstones:

Capstone 1: Filming the short film with a professional crew and gear all while acting in the movie as the stars of the IMDB credited movie!

Capstone 2: Students will attend a red-carpet film premiere where they are the VIP stars being treated to the short film and after party gala free of charge!

Will the kids still be acting?

Of course!! While our focus week to week will be on giving students the necessary skills to make their short films a reality, we will still be doing acting work throughout –as well as bringing in a couple of guest artists to do some special acting workshops with the kids!

This is great! But how much is it??

We have decided to make our program affordable for every student who desires to become a film actor.  The tuition for the Fall Semester is only $595.  This includes:

*Weekly On-Camera Training

*Weekly Behind-the-Camera Training

*Reel of Work in Class

*On Set Filming both as Actor & Crew

*Copy of Film

*IMDB Credit

*VIP Red Carpet Walk/Interview

*Silver Screening of Film with Family & Friends

*After Party Gala

*Unparalleled Educational Training with Real-World Filming Experience While Growing Professional Credentials


*Create Lasting Memories & Make New Friends Along the Way!

Okay –how do I sign up?!?

Easy!  You will go to our sign up page – and click on the “REGISTER” tab. On the next page, you will select the “Irvine Location”. The next page, you will be selecting “Fall Film Program”.

One last message from Stephen:

Since our humble opening of AA4K Studios almost 3 years ago, this acting program has grown and taken shape in large part to the talented students, supportive parents, and amazing/caring staff we have.  As we begin a new session, I want to invite families to join us on this new adventure and another opportunity to marvel at the creativity of these talented actors! Thank you for making our program the best kids acting program in Orange County!

See you on stage & screen!

Stephen Zygo
Founder, Acting Academy for Kids & AA4K Studios

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